Friday, May 30, 2008

Stonehenge Secrets

The dating of bodies buried around Stonehenge will be one of the subjects covered on the National Geographic show Stonehenge Decoded. First showing: June 1. But already you can play around on the website, with interactive maps and building simulations.

Turns out Stonehenge may have started out as a cemetery for Really Important People. There are over 200 graves holding cremated bodies, and they date back to periods before the stones were raised. The age of the graves covers several centuries, leading some archaeologists to theorize that this is the cemetery for one great, kingly family that held power for a long time.

It's just too cool. I can't wait for the show. Here's a link to video about the latest discoveries. The story from the June National Geographic Magazine is online too. And this picture's from their site; one of an incredible online gallery.

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