Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crystal Skulls Stolen!

My one-time home town, Claremont, CA, doesn't make the TV news often (although it was among the 5 best places to live last year according to Money Magazine)--but when it does, it's pretty wacky.

A New Age shop called Kindred Spirits had a crystal skull on display, and yup, it's gone. According to the Claremont Insider blog and the Daily Bulletin, the skull was on loan and had been displayed for about four months. The owner says it was solid quartz crystal, probably from Brazil, has healing powers . . . . and there are eleven others and if the set is ever assembled together-which-is-destined-to-happen-information-will-be-revealed-to-humanity (I'm wincing as I write this, but if you want to read more along this vein try

So maybe the thief is collecting the entire set?

The store's owner says the skull "likes to travel." Right, blame it on the victim. Jeesh!

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