Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Caesar in Gaul

An exciting find in the Rhone River in France: a bust of Julius Caesar tentatively dated to 46 BC. That would be eight years after he put his finishing touches on the conquest of Gaul.

This AP pictures is copied from the CNN story. CBS and other outlets cover it, but all reports seem to be the same, original AP text.

The bust had been thrown into the river with other items, including a bronze satyr about 27 inches high, and a marble Neptune, 5' 9".

"The site has barely been skimmed," according to Michel L'Hour, who is in charge of the divers who found the articles a few months ago. More dives and research will be done this summer.

The site is near Arles, a city founded by Caesar. The Celts had a habit of making river offerings, but to throw a bunch of Roman statues into the river--from a city founded by Romans, who were probably hated--may have less to do with offerings and more to do with revolt. My guess. Since the statues aren't destroyed or broken though, who knows?

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