Friday, May 09, 2008

Car Park Dig

Gotta love this story from the BBC: "Archaeology Dig in Car Park Site." The car park's already there, and apparently wants to expand--but 1000-year-old curios must be investigated first.

Realizing that big bucks are involved, I've always wondered about the thick, tall fences that surround construction sites. Are they there to keep out prying eyes, as well as potential thieves? For two years, I watched an entire theater complex go up on a previously-vacant lot in Southern California. Mountains of dirt were moved from one corner to another in the first few months. By law (NAGPRA), if anything is found--pottery shards, charred campfire remains--authorities must be notified and work stopped.

But I wonder--would the landowners, investors, or even laborers say anything, knowing that their livelihood would be cut if work were halted? Is that part of the reason for a fence that no one can see through?

Just a thought. I have no real reason to believe that anything was found.

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