Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Moving Lists

List of things we DON'T have to do anymore when we move:

  • Notify every single newsletter and magazines of new address (Thank you, USPS)

  • Notify every friend and company with whom we do business (again, I kiss your feet, USPS)

  • Wait three weeks for the phone company to send someone out to explain why DSL doesn't work in the new place

  • Wait three days till a phone company technician physically hooks up your phone (the good old days. But I am not kissing Verizon's feet, no matter what)

  • Wait for electric and gas companies to visit and hook up your utilities

I'm old; I remember when utilities were turned off when a place was unoccupied and had to be reconnected by hand. And the post office used to sell moving kits with dozens of postcards for us to send to all our creditors and friends. Yuck.

I have to do so little that I've forgotten to order new business cards. Vista.com will be my next stop as I surf.

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