Sunday, September 02, 2007

With a Name Like Jason Ur . . .

. . . How could he NOT be a noted Archaeologist? Ur? Jason? That's cosmic.

As WhyFiles and other news sites note, Professor Ur of Harvard has published an article in Science titled "Early Urban Development in the Near East."
This pictures shows the suface of Tell Brak in Syria, site of Professor Ur's study, covered with pottery pieces. These pieces help date and locate ancient villages.

Three or four thousand years ago, cities emerged in the Middle East. The logical assumption has always been that a few huts grew into a village, which over the years grew bigger until it could be called a city.

Professor Ur says that in come cases, a set of villages that formed a ring simple filled in the empty spaces between them (again, over many years) and grew inward to form a city.

It's a brilliant and innovative idea, and it must be true because the author has such a cool name.

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