Saturday, September 08, 2007

As a well fills in darkness from forgotten rains . . .

That's a line from the poem Ever Since by Archibald MacLeish. Or rather, a bit of two lines:

What do you remember thinking back?

What do you think of at dusk in the slack

Evening when the mind refills

With the cool past as a well fills in

Darkness from forgotten rains?

Beautiful images--it goes on for 6 more stanzas.

I don't think writers' minds refill with the cool past in the slack evening.

What refills my well is exposure to beautiful, imaginative sights. I went to an art museum today, heard a bagpipe player last night, and have spent an hour or so each evening enjoying the super-deluxe expanded version of Lord of the Ring, with all its glorious appendices.

My mind is flooding, thank you!

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