Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unavailable and Proud of It

Do you remember where you were the first time that you realized the person talking into thin air was not crazy or addressing you? Unless you're in middle school, you should.

My first time was in a bathroom stall at a store. I knew there was only one other woman in there, and she was close enough that when she said, "Hello? How you doing?" I thought: Well, this is odd, but there's no call to be rude.

So I said, "Fine, thank you."

And she said, "What? Hold on just a minute, honey, someone is saying something to me. What?"

And suddenly, I was the loony one, talking to a stranger in the bathroom stall.

Now I think nothing of people talking, giggling, and even shouting to themselves. I know that just out of sight is a phone. We all walk around like novice Borgs with our bluetooths embedded, trying to carry on a face-to-face while never really certain that we have even a fourth of the other person's attention.

We are a funny group of clowns.

Thank you, Geoff Fox, for having a picture of a non-model, bluetooth-wearing driver on your blog.

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