Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Site in Brittany!

For nine months, archaeologists in Brittany have been studying 60 (so far) menhirs unearthed at Kerdruelland--about eight miles from Carnac (pictured). The stones were toppled around 2,500 years ago and have since lain in mud, which is good. The UK Independent has a story about this new discovery, but sadly, not too many other places do.

Professor Jean-Paul Demoule points out that the site was preserved because it was destroyed and buried, ironically . A 3000-square meter preliminary dig will soon be ten times larger. This is big news.
How come pagan and megalith fan websites and blogs picked up on this, but no mainline news agencies have? Geesh. Can't CNN stop watching Britney for five minutes to bring us important news on the real Brittany?

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