Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dude, who stole my sidebar?

The mystery of my missing (well, actually down at the bottom of the blog) sidebar has been solved, after about 4 hours of work. Unproductive work in the sense that I should have been writing Q&As that would actually have earned me some money. But--having a presentable blog is worth something too, right?

One post (now saved as a draft) had Amazon product links that were just too long. So they kept my sidebar from appearing. I could see my sidebar if I looked at my posts individually, and I finally found a good help topic (I finally found the right search terms, iow) that clued me in.

Done. I'm posting this so I'll feel like I got some work done today.

In the process of trouble-shooting the html code, I stumbled onto a way to stretch the page horizontally, though. Yay me!

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