Sunday, January 13, 2008

One Friend's Humor is Another's Spam

I used to love getting email jokes, links, slideshows--as long as I hadn't seen them twice already.

Now my inbox is filled with emails beginning with the characters "FW: Funny. . . " because I just don't have time to read jokes. There may be some delightfully weird and unique gems in there--but I JUST DON'T HAVE TIME!

Why is that?

I suspect that such emails used to serve as a subversive break from my paid job. Now I don't have a paid job. There is no "man" to stick it to. No corporate Big Brother to sneak around. No fatuous stuffed shirt to hear "Take this job and shove it!"

There's just me and my PC.

This wise photo is from, courtesy of A good reminder that not all my work ties me to my PC!

My world seems to have a tri-part division these days. There's work I love, work I'm not so crazy about, and there's looking for work.

If I take time from any of these, I have to pay it back or I may not have money for gas next month. Accurate or not, that's become my mindset.

People will warn you, when you go freelance, not to waste too much time or take too many days off. Yes, that's a real temptation, and a dangerous one.

The opposite can happen too: when you work at home, you never really clock out.

Winning the lottery would solve so many of these low-level problems. . . . I really should buy a ticket once in a while.

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