Friday, January 18, 2008

Mediabistro Plug

Argh . . . just learned you have to be a member to see the entire article referenced in the previous post. Sorry!

IMHO, the money spent for a Mediabistro membership is well-invested for any part or full-time writer--though I admit I live a major city where I can take advantage of their classes and get-togethers (including a short-lived bowling league). Check them out; they have dozens of in-depth "How to Pitch" guidelines for magazines and agents, as well as online how-to's, a job board, daily industry news, etc.

The article, btw, is full of advice from experienced, full-time writers whose work appears in major glossies and newspapers. The advice is about growing your business, marketing through both slow and busy times, diversifying, work discipline, and timing your pitches. That last covers two topics: both when to pitch (Christmas vacation? August? Should I avoid Monday mornings?) and how much lead time to allow on a pitch (6 months to a year for most magazines).

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