Thursday, July 26, 2007

Study finds that Fat People have Fat Friends. . . duh!

First off, I have been varying degrees of fat my whole life, so I do not write any of this to make fun of fat people.

But criminy, doctors needed a computer survey of 12,000 people to figure out that people tended to have friends of like weight? News story here.

This is news? To whom?

What a shock! Friends--surprise!--eat together frequently and use each other for excuses! Every person I know has made the excuse that his or her friends dragged them to McDonalds, or an Italian restaurant, or a gelato bar, etc. etc. How many of us have friends that enable our eating because that way, we're bigger than them? Ooohhh, lookit all the hands!

Everyone who's ever lost weight has also--and this is brutal--lost friends. Or at least, an aspect of friendship. If you don't want to be naughty and eat pancakes with them, they stop inviting you out. That aspect. Sucks.

This isn't the first time I've read a front page report about something that no one needed research to know! But I guess the rule with doctors and scientists is that if you can't cite a study, you can't make an assumption.

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