Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Every newspaper covered the Versailles pageant celebrating Dior's 60th anniversary. Yes, Versailles, a name and site synonymous with self-destructive excess.

The celebrity-packed spectacular was followed by a party: According to the LA Times, "roving musicians, tents with chandeliers and pans of paella the size of backyard trampolines. It was an extravaganza. . ."

Check out the video, courtesy of HelloMagazine : here.

The paper went on to point out that within days, Valentino will outdo Versailles in a 3-day frolic "amid the ruins of the Imperial Forum." In fall, Fendi will have models on the Great Wall of China.

In a related story, journalists lament that they've run out of synonyms for such extreme superlatives of showmanship, necessitating a deep breath of . . . hmmm . . . common sense?

Is everyone nuts, or is this just our kneejerk biological reaction to global warming? To show that we can indeed sink further into a morass of self-indulgent panoply? Maybe it's a sequined, strutting shout-out: "Screw you, reality!"

Someone pinch me, please.

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