Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Most Expensive Residential Property Ever!

The home formerly occupied by William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies is for sale.

Did I say "home" ? My bad.

Homes are managable pieces of real estate that eat up 2/3 of an average paycheck. Homes house families, but usually not multiple families. Homes have a set number of rooms that you can count on your fingers.

The Hearst-Davies property, as reported by the Los Angeles Times this morning (here) has the following:
  • 29 bedrooms

  • 3 swimming pools

  • a disco

  • a movie theater

  • 4 houses, an apartment, and a cottage for security personnel, spread across 6.5 acres.

The price? $165,000,000

Just for the record, Hearst bought the house in 1947, twenty years after it was built. He paid $120,000 for it then. Hearst, already in his eighties, lived there with Davies until his death in 1951. Davies died ten years later and the property was sold.

If the Hearst-Davies pedigree isn't enough for you, this house was used in the first Godfather movie. Remember the scene where the guy woke up to find the horse's head in his bed? Pony up $165 million and you can sleep in that same room every night!

No US property has sold for over $100 million . . . yet. There are several on the market, including a vacation home of Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar in Aspen, Colorado, priced at $135 million. But I bet he never had a severed thoroughbred in his bed.

The selling agent's website is here. Just in case.

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