Monday, March 24, 2008

Some thoughts on moving

I'm preparing to move; my life is falling into boxes as I decide what to toss and what to keep. Moving periodically, I find, is a great way to challenge the soul and sort out what's important in our lives.

Most of my friends and family spend 20, 30 years in a home. To them, I'm nuts. To me, they're complacent.

I think my mission is to disprove astrology. I'm the Taurus, yet I'm the one who rebels against roots and stability.

I had a friend that used to move every two years; she regularly convinced herself there was something wrong with her home. The truth was, of course, that her life was dysfunctional; moving was a way to claim control and change what she could. Wondering if I have fallen into the same trap forces me to examine other facets of my life and make judgments.

Here's the bottom line--many of my friends and family don't move because they can't. They simply have too much stuff, and moving presents too great a task.

I do dread the time taken away from my work, and the box into which my "current projects" goes will be guarded like the crown jewels as it travels the 50 miles between homes. But overall, I am glad to be moving and clearing the junk out of my life.

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