Monday, August 13, 2007

Trendy Vampires

What is it with vampires? Bram Stoker gave way to Anne Rice, and her many, many imitators. Buffy, Angel, Blade, Saint-Germain. . . . We have vampire detectives, vampire lovers, vampire heroes, vampire worlds, and vampire apocalyses clogging the arteries of the media bloodlines.

Now I read that Ridley Scott's production company has won a bidding war (payout: $1.75 million) for the half-finished first volume of a planned trilogy, from a writer no one has heard of: Jordan Ainsley. I checked; his name's not listed on anything. Which doesn't mean he can't write a great trilogy, of course. . . but I wouldn't bet my $1.75 mil on him.

Check here at the NY Times, if you need more details. The Times story is about how studios are desperate for series-type material. (Which explains why Ridley Scott is not knocking on my door, since I kill everyone off at the end of my book. Grouse, grouse.)

But. . . . the first novel's only half-written. The world is full of half-written novels! So I figure it must be the vampire-sex-blood-thing. Why is that so fascinating?
Maybe I should turn my hero into a druid-vampire and start a sequel.

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