Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Media Hand-Wringing

Since I blog about writing occasionally, I believe this fits in.

Many news reports on Owen Wilson seem to involve a long introduction (longer than the sparse facts about Wilson take to relate, in fact) in which the reporter confesses his/her ambivalence about reporting the story when Wilson and his family have requested privacy.

My heart breaks. I hate to see these poor, beautiful journalists so torn.

Here's an innovative suggestion to address the conflict: Shut up. Don't spin a story. Don't speculate. Don't stand outside Cedars-Sinai bemoaning the fact that you can't get any information. Give it a break, and stop rationalizing your presence.

My favorite: Elle Magazine is dropping an interview they did with Wilson. Editor-in-chief Roberta Myers said. "When we were to be on the newsstand with the story [in December 07], it would have been quite dated. Obviously, he's not going to update it for us. Out of respect for his privacy and anything he is going through, we're not going to run the piece." (source)

Read carefully and in proper order. Does that last line come across as a bit hypocritical, or is just me?

2 comments: said...

It's like, "we respect his privacy but we don't want to run old news (in case he's off-ed himself by December) so we'll run it now."

Ok, don't tell Elle I said that. I may want to pitch them someday...

btw - thanks for the link. I'm adding you to mine link list, too. And, as you're in lovely LA, perhaps you want to get Cocktail of the Week...? (sign up on my website homepage)

Vix said...

I weighed the odds of me ever pitching Elle before I wrote that, believe me!

And thank you, I will sign up--right now