Friday, May 11, 2007

Cauliflower and Cabbage

I have spent decades convincing people I can't cook, accidentally and on purpose.

Since I am far from starving, they should have figured out by now that I can cook. Yesterday I proved my mettle yet again by mastering cream of cauliflower soup.

It's so easy, even for me. A cup of broth, a slice of onion, 3/4 tsp of curry, and a dash of dill. Bring it to simmer, then toss in half a head of cauliflower florets (is that redundant? flower florets?). Cover and cook for ten minutes.

Then osterize it with a half-cup of milk, or milk with a bit of cream. Pour the puree back into the pot to heat it up and add a little salt and pepper.


You might have guessed that in the olden days, cauliflower and brocolli were one and the same. Kale, cabbage, and some others--Brussel sprouts, I think, also have been coaxed from the common ancestor in the past two thousand years. So there is definitely an Iron Age tie-in. The Celts ate cabbage--but I suspect it wasn't the same plant we boil or chop today.

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