Monday, March 09, 2009

Writing Doesn't Pay

The Week Magazine asks, Is Writing for the Rich?

Good question. The answer according to The Week's Executive Editor Francis Wilkinson, is, yeah, more or less.

Although the world is full of more opportunities than ever for writers of every ilk (it costs nothing to start up a blog like this), few of those opportunities come with paychecks. As Wilkinson sums up: "movie stars, business executives, even accomplished authors all write for free these days. Why should some kid nobody’s ever heard of get paid?"

Ouch. We all know that, but why does it hurt so bad to see it in print?

Anyway, it's an interesting editorial, especially if you have friends or children who might want to become writers. Make them read this, and have them take dancing lessons. That way, they'll have a skill to fall back on, as my mother used to put it.

Here's the irony: You can read the editorial for free, online.

I don't subscribe to The Week anymore, even though it's my favorite publication. Why bother? By reading it for free, I help create the situation that keeps me from getting decent pay!

Enabling. It's what for dinner.

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