Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm International!


My article "Resting on a Knife-Edge" is in the new issue of Ancient Warfare. Great illustrations, too.

The article is about Caesar's war with the Belgic tribes of Gaul in his second campaign year, and his near-disastrous run-in with the Nervians. Other articles in the magazine discuss aspects of Julius Caesar's strategy, his legions, the last stand of Vercingetorix in Gaul, and--leaving Caesar aside--Hoplite shields.

Hmmm...what's the dollar-euro exchange rate right now?

Go subscribe! Really, the synchronized diving finals can wait.


Gary said...

Congrats! --gn

A.P. said...


I just finished your article in AW and I just had to look you up and congratulate you on this very good, and most importantly, very readable article.

I hope you will write more for this great magazine.

Take care