Friday, June 06, 2008

WW II Veterans Take A Trip

This picture amazes me. This is a Mr. Jost of Montgomery County, Texas. Here's the caption (actually an email from a volunteer named DiAnne Semands):

"My vet Mr. Jost got the only surviving item from his ship: the flag with 48 stars. It was old and tattered, and everyone touched it. His mine-sweeping ship cleared the Japan coast for the great invasion, and then bombs were dropped instead. His ship sank and most men were lost."

Mr. Jost and 98 other WWII Veterans from the county were flown to Washington DC to see the World War II Memorial, over Veterans Day. An organization called Lone Star Honor Flight has dedicated itself to making sure that all WWII Vets get to see the Memorial.

Press coverage of the trip, as well as a slide show with more touching photos by Brad Meyer, is here.

This has nothing to do with archaeology, France, writing, or any of my other topics. I just love this picture.

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